How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets

How often should you clean your carpets? If you are a homeowner, you may have this question in your mind. While you don’t need to clean them on a daily basis, know that rugs and carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis if you want to keep them in good condition. Based on a few factors, you can decide how frequently you should do the cleaning. Let’s read more about those factors.

Area rugs and carpets provide style and warmth as they feature attractive textures, colors, and patterns. If you want your carpets to stand the test of time, make sure you get them cleaned on a regular basis. With time, they may collect dirt, dust and pet dander. For keeping them clean, it’s recommended that you vacuum them on a regular basis.

So, you are vacuuming once per week. How often should you clean them? For homeowners, experts suggest that bi-annual deep cleaning. In areas that have light traffic, deep cleaning should be done after each one-year and a half. On the other hand, in the high traffic area, the gap shouldn’t be more than 8 months.

If you can visible soil or dirt on the carpet, know that you need to get them cleaned as soon as possible. In fact, you are already late.

Here is another common question: how often should you vacuum your carpets if you have got them cleaned by a professional. Ideally, you may want to vacuum them at least once in 7 days. It’s important to follow this routine once you have got new carpets, as this will help you extend the life of your investment.

So, if you have more questions about cleaning or taking care of your residential carpets, we suggest that you get in touch with a good professional. Based on their experience, they will guide you in the right direction.


5 Vacuum Cleaning Tips

You can use a variety of cleaning solutions for keeping your house clean. But in this article, we are going to talk about using a vacuum cleaner to keep dust, mites, and germs away from your house.

  1. Don’t Make It Harder

It’s better to take your shoes off before you enter your house. This will help you keep dirt and grime away from your house, thus making it easier for you to do the vacuuming. However, if you can’t follow this policy, there is an alternative. You can put some mats at each entry point.

  1. Do it twice

If you think vacuuming once in each area is enough, you need to think again. It is better to go over the same area several times. This is to make sure all of the dirt and debris is picked up. This is even more important if you have the pet in your house. You need to put in a bit more effort to remove all the hair.

  1. Create a Schedule

Make sure you have a schedule in place. The idea is to follow a regular cleaning solution and stick to it. This will help you keep your floors clean. Generally, it’s enough to do the vacuuming at least once per week. But you should clean the high traffic areas more often.

  1. Spot Treat

As soon as you spill something, make sure you treat it right away. However, for this, you may want to use a high-quality cleaner. This is important to keep your carpets is the best condition. You can also use a steam cleaner for the removal of stains.

  1. Move the Furniture

While you are vacuum cleaning, make sure you move the furniture in another room. You don’t have to do this each time but do this occasionally if you have the time. If you can’t move big furniture, you can at least move smaller units, such as coffee tables.

Hope these 5 tips will work for you.

4 Floor Cleaning Mistakes that You Should Avoid

If you want to improve the look of your house, make sure you keep the floors clean at all times with the help of the right techniques. For those who have a busy schedule, we have put together this article to help them avoid some common floor cleaning mistakes. Let’s read about them.

  1. Too much Water

You don’t need a lot of water. In fact, using too much water may ruin the floors. The safest way is to make use of a dry mop. For removing stains, you can use a use a good quality spray on the affected area. However, you don’t want to opt for a high-end product.

  1. Harsh Cleaners

Harsh cleaners may cause a significant damage your floors. You can substitute them with a bit of soap or dishwashing detergent. Actually, harsh cleaners are not a good choice for wooden floors. So, you may want to avoid using them at all costs. They will cause more harm than good.

  1. Steam Cleaners

Too much heat or moisture is bad for the wooden floors. Instead of steam cleaners, you should vacuum the floors first and then use a mild cleaning solution to do the cleaning. Again, we suggest that you don’t use harsh chemicals as they may damage the floors.

  1. Wrong Technique

With vacuum cleaning, you can remove dirt and containment in a few minutes. To prevent dull and scratches, it’s better to avoid using brush roll. Similarly, you can try a microfiber mop as they are gentle on the floors.


If your tenancy agreement is almost over, you may need to clean your dirty floors. In this situation, it’s not a good idea to do the cleaning on your own. Instead, you may want to hire the services of professional cleaning company for deep cleaning. Make sure the company doesn’t repeat the mistakes mentioned above.

5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to style your home, buying some carpets is a great idea. They make your décor look better in addition to giving a warm feeling in winter. Since carpets absorb liquids very well, they are more prone to stains and spills. If you don’t use the right techniques, it will be harder for you to clean them. Given below are a few common mistakes that you may want to avoid when cleaning carpets.

  1. Ignoring the spills  

If spills are not cleaned right away, they will get deeper into the fibers of the carpet. So, it’s important that you clean the spills before they dry out.

  1. Using the Wrong Product

Before you buy a carpet cleaning product, don’t forget to read the label. Some products contain chemicals that may damage the carpet.

  1. Use one piece of clothing

You should have two pieces of clothing to do the cleaning: one for applying the stain remover and the other for eliminating the residue. A third piece can be used to mop up.

  1. Trying DIY Methods

If you have no idea how to clean carpets, we suggest that you don’t try DIY techniques as they can cause significant damage. So, it’s better to hire the services of a good professional cleaner to ensure safety and efficiency.

  1. Rubbing the spills with water

Pouring water over the stains is not a good idea as they will do further damage by spreading the spills. What you need to do is sprinkle water and then dab the area using a soft piece of clothing.

When using different types of cleaners, make sure you be gentle on the carpets. To be on the safe side, you should test the product on a small area before you use it all over the carpet.

So, if you avoid these 5 mistakes, your carpets will stand the test of time-saving you a good deal of money.